This book is dedicated to the Native American culture and the native children who are its future.

One dollar from the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Rosebud Elementary School in Rosebud, South Dakota. Rosebud Elementary serves 300 students, 98% of which are Native American. 100% of the students come from low income families. We applaud the work of the staff at this school and are pleased that our donations will help them obtain the resources they need to ensure strong educational opportunities for their students.

Colten and Grandma Lisa

About the authors

Colten Lechowicz is 50% Native American.  He is a member of the Bois Forte Tribe, a band of the Chippewa and is also part Lakota Sioux. Colten has lived with Grandma Lisa for most of his eleven years. To enhance Colten's reading ability and introduce him to the native culture, Colten and Grandma Lisa wrote this book. Together, they selected the words to use for each letter and Grandma Lisa created a rhyme to reinforce the learning of the subject and the reading concepts. Colten loves to play video games, has a wonderful sense of humor and loves animals. Colten and Grandma Lisa love to travel and hope to write more books about the native culture and their adventures together.

Colten and I set a goal to read our book to 5,000 kids in the next year!

If you know of a school group, camp, day care or any other kids group who would invite us to read, please contact me on my Contact page.